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 stenter 4chambers
Spec.4chambers       Video,100k Video,300k      Stenter and Relax Dryer
Stenter  Model: SH-ST

Tenter frame

Ssangho's stenter is designed knit fabric and textile, espasealy for cotton knit fabrics.
Soft touch, Shinning, and for the more Shrinkage Control  0%.
Ssangho have made knit fabric and textile machinery, since 1963 in Korea.

-Steel structure in different groups to be assembled.
-Texter for stretching/centering fabric.
-Input over feeding roll device controlled by SERVO motor
-Motorized feeder with automatic stretching/centering device by DC motor.
-Horizontal chain for the fabric conveying with temporized automatic lubrication.
-3bowl uncurler with tender method uncurler
-Over feed pinning wheel device for fabric-tacking with pins with general 

and differentiated overfeeding by SERVO motor, 
chosen air pressure for operation by air cylinder 
-Safety electronic feelers for fabric tacking on pins 
-Introduction conic field with adjustable motorized width 6.5m.
-Parallel field to stabilize the fabric width 2.5m.
-Additional steamer.
-Central belts for the fabric conveying on the parallel field.
-Main drive individual pin drive with servo motor left 

and right separately with load cell tension control.
-Cooling Nozzle device, 3.0kw
-Selvedge Gumming, Cutting and Suction Device, 12.0kw
-Front driving board complete with programmable visualization for preparation
and working data, Customer??recipes storing, speed in m/yard, 

cylinder temperature, shrinkage %, pressure of the air cylinder, alarms.
-Safety devices placed in different parts of the machine.

1. All nozzle arrangement blower arrangement.
2. Air flow controls : independent regulation of of the air flow speed of the up 
and down blowing nozzles by means inverter digital indication on front panel in %.
3. Temperature in each chamber is measured by sensor and display
4. Top air and bottom air is adjustable and easy controlled at entry and exit by damper.
5. In case any problem in one chamber or pining problems
or any other problems, 
  chamber air is let out to safe guard the fabric.
 All motor stop and exhaust running.
6. Heating systems thermo oil or gas direct.
7. Stender chamber length is 3 meter. Two motors per chamber.
8. Insulated in all doors and frame even bottom between frame and floor.

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