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More details-sample and test

drying-sample over-feed-130 over-feed-150 over-feed-175

Test running and measurement of drying capacity and shrinkage, 1998,05,

Weight of sample = 3.0GRAM Weight per square meter = 300GRAM Fabrics to dry: width 45in (open), 2 lines drying
Above sample was fetched before drying and cut again after drying with area tester.
(Steam pressure 6kr/cm2, temp. in chamber 124 centi-degree )
Shrinkage :
Maximum shrinkage of two samples, that are open width cotton fabrics knitted by 20 denia and by 40 denia,
is achieved when fabric speed per conveyer speed being 135%, 150% and 175% .
It showed that the maximum shrinkage can be obtained when over speed is higher than 135%.
It's ideal to set over speed higher than 135% when drying.
Drying capacity per 4 chambers:
Following results were obtained with fabrics of 90in width and water content of 92.8%.
Drying capacity by steam system per 1 hour = Max. 810kg/hr.
Water amount evaporated in 1 hour = Max. 750kg/hr.
Max. water amount evaporated per chamber= app. 180kg/h per chamber.
The test is conducted by our company, Ssangho. Since the result of drying work depends upon water amount contained in fabrics,
you can get not only good quality of the fabrics through drying process by minimizing water amount
and working without over drying, but also increased drying production and reduced energy consumption.

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