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Ssanho conveyr Relax Dryer is full relax,tensionless and tumbling dryer
 for knit and woven fabric and textile.
0% Shrinkage,soft touch, handle and bulking to knit and woven fabric !
Small size and bic capacity !

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Click here, this is ground plan, evaperation 3d stdryer

Natural and tumble drying, shrinkage all solved, 0% !
Max. water amount evaporated per 1 chamber:4,320kg/day

If the fabrics contain 60% water per fabrics,
Drying capacity is Max.7,200kg/day/one chamber

If you need more capacity, choose Chambers.

Heating source =7kg/cm2, steam (tested)

Water Evaporatting Capacity 180kg per one hour, one chamber
Cotton fabrics Drying Capacity 300kg per one hour, one chamber

Model: SH-SDNG42(3 Layers, 2 Chambers) Water Evaporatting Capacity.; 8,640kg/day 
Model: SH-SDNG43(3 Layers, 3 Chambers) Water Evaporatting Capapacity.; 12,600kg/day 
Model: SH-SDNG44(3 Layers, 4 Chambers) Water Evaporatting Capacity.; 17,280kg/day 
Model: SH-SDNG45(3 Layers, 5 Chambers) Water Evaporatting Capacity.; 21,600/day 
Model: SH-SDNG46(3 Layers, 6 Chambers) Water Evaporatting Capacity.; 25,920/day

Model: SH-SDNG22(1 Layer, 2Chambers) Water Evaporatting Capacity.; 3400kg/day

Model: SDNG40

0% Shrinkage,soft touch and the best quality for knit fabric,
and also wovenoven textiles !

If you use Ssangho full Relax and tensionless, shrink-dryer for knitted fabrics and other textile fabrics,
the final shrinkage is achieved 0% by Ssangho for the first time in the world.
This Ssangho's relax, dryer is full tensionless, relaxing, shrinking and tumbling system.
The troubles of shrinking during the process of knitting and dyeing are completely solved.
Produce a rabbit out of the hat!
The nature of knitting is preserved with the effect of low temperature and natural drying condition.
Production Cost low by Ssangho's Relax-shrink-dryer !
Minimum installation area and maximization of drying efficiency bring out the economic advantage of minimized production cost and maximized drying quantity.
Maximization of Drying capacity by Ssangho's Relax-shrink-dryer
With only one set of machine occupying a minimized space,
6 tons~18 tons of cotton is processed.
Adjustable number of chambers according to the drying quantity results
the cost of installations to be minimized.
Max. water amount evaporated per 1 chamber :
750kg/h / 4 = apprx.180 kg/h/chamber
Convenient operation, easy and long term maintenance by Ssangho's Relax-shrink-dryer !
By simply adjusting Over Feed, fabrics with superb quality can be obtained.
Nozzle cleaning is needed only once in a period of 1-2 year.
Easy cleaning of heater and nozzles enables uniform operation of the dryer)
Ssangho is proud to present its state-of-the-art Shrink Dryer, SH-SDNG40,
which features enhanced drying capacity,
convenient operation and is also equipped with a special system designed
to prevent low drying capacity caused by long-term use with steam source.
Ssangho confidently asks you to compare SH-SDNG40 with
your current products to experience
our Relax-shrink-dryer is cost-effectiveness and reasonable maintenance cost.
Any types of fabrics can be dried with superior performance.
The tensionless relax-shrink-dryer of Ssangho is developed,
designed and improved independently by Ssangho,
after closely analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the world brands
and reflecting on advices or suggestions offered by the customers.
Ssangho has always been doing its best to meet the customer's demands
by making continuous effort to provide the customer with satisfying service
and improvement of our products.

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