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open width compactor

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Open width compactor
Model: SH-OPC
-width stenter frame
Model: SH-OPCS
-with stenter frame and heating chambers


Open-width-compactor use specially treated felt,
Compacting (Shrink processing) is applicable to all fabrics, clothes and textiles.
Compacted fabrics will be glossed while passing through the felt and cylinder, so shrinkage is freely adjustable.
Specially designed Open-width-compactor makes cotton knit shrinkable to the required degree,
fresh in shade and soft of touch.
Convenient for operation and external view thanks to the touch panel.
Maximized working efficiency with the quick correction by the self-diagnosis when it is troubled.
The tension on the raw fabric will be minimized to solve the problem of the shrinkage for the cotton knit.
If the raw fabric should be dried by Ssangho Relax Dryer before compacting process,
any particular P/K knit raw fabric will be shrunk about -3 to +3%, soft touch knitted fabrics.

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