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Tubular Knit Compactor

Tubular cotton knit, Perfect shrinkage control system for Tubular knitted fabrics.
Shrinkage control, compacting and sanforizing system 
for cotton and blended knitted fabrics (spun, lycra ).
Ssangho's Tubular cotton knit compactor control the shrinkage of tubular knitted fabrics,
 final shrinkage -3% to +3% !

Click here, this is lground plan and elevattion

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Tubular knit compactor

The tension on the raw fabric will be minimized to solve the problem 
of the shrinkage for the cotton tubular knit. fabrics.

Automatic touch panel system !
will be moved by the automatic conveyor system.

Counters correctly marked !
The length of the raw fabric having been or being worked out by the primary
and secondary counters will be correctly marked while being cross-marked.

Smooth and soft compacting !
The steam device just before the compactor will spray the steam onto the dried raw fabric
for smooth compacting and ironing work.

Electric oil or thermo-oil heating system, max.220 *c

If you use, you can finish all type knitted fabrics, even if lycra, spun.
Compacting and sanforizing system for cotton, poly and blended fabrics (spun, lycra).

steam heating system, max.130 *c

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