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open width mercerizing machinetubular mercerizing
Tubular knit mercerizing and desizing,  Open width mercerizing and desizing 

Click here large image - Tubular knit Mercerizing machine

Click here large image - Open  width Mercerizing machine 

Cotton may be made to resemble silk, so far as the luster is concerned, 
through the application of a solution of caustic soda under tension.
his process is called mercerization. 
The effect of the caustic soda is to cause the cotton fibers 
to become smooth and cylindrical in form so 
that they reflect the light and appear "shiny" with a strong luster.
It is a physical and not a chemical change.

This mercerizing machine allows:

Absolute guarantee of bath uniformity in the tank,
thanks to recycling pump which make bath circulate through the self cleaning filter
in the bath during process.

Tubular knit fabrics mercerizing -all bathes- washing units ballooning type

Open width and woven fabrics-all bathes-5 spray, touching expender and two boll padder type

All automatic systems -touch panel, plc, inverters, and sensors

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